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Dear Coach:

Are you a coach who is struggling to take action and actually build out your coaching business?

Are you tired of trying to launch your coaching program, but you feel like you need someone to guide you?

Are you frustrated because know you can change lives, but you are stuck?

I remember when I was first started coaching and I didn't know everything to do.

So, I bought some group training and learned a lot. I actually implemented a good bit, but when I came time to really hone my craft in one particular area, I needed help.

But the reality is, even though I knew the model and the basics, I needed an expert to guide me.

And what I've realized is that by having a coach, you can make progress much faster.

What I've discovered is that when clients invest to work with me personally, even though we are working on the same things as the group classes, they are able to ask deeper questions and get deeper results.

That means that when clients work personally with me, they get deeper insights and make more progress faster.

You see, if you know that you need help . . .

It's not just you . . . but most people get more results with personal help.

And if you get personal help, you'll build your Coaching Business Faster.

And that's what YOU are looking for, isn't?

Here's how we'll work together:

When you first enroll to work with me, we will set up a conference call.

On the call, I will dig deep into your business to understand what you want in your business, and what is keeping you from success.

Then we'll discuss what it will take to go to the next level.

Once we do that, we'll create a timetable and a spreadsheet of what needs to be done to get you where you want to go.

Then I'll give you a homework assignment, and when you've completed the assignment, we'll meet again.

As you go through the process of me assigning homework that sequentially leads you through the plan and spreadsheet we create, you'll automatically be moving towards your goal.

How would that feel?

Would YOU like to do this in your business?

Introducing my
Platinum Coaching Program!

This brand-new one-on-one coaching opportunity is limited to only 3 people because of its intensely personal nature.

I will take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do, and how to do it, to have success with your online executive coaching business.


Here's What You'll Get With Your
Platinum Coaching Membership:

12 Coaching Sessions

These one-hour weekly 1-1 sessions are your chance to dig deep and get results. They will be recorded and made available to you so you can access them anytime.

$4,200 Value


Unlimited Email Access

You can email me anytime you have a question, or you get stuck. (However, you can’t send me another email until you’ve taken action on my last email.)

$1,500 Value


12 Training Modules

This powerful training will guide you to build a life-changing online executive coaching business from scratch in just 12 weeks.

$4,400 Value

Total Value: $10,100

Here is a brief description of each training module:

Module 1: You Can Coach

You can coach. You can help others to do things that come easy to you but are difficult for them… and get paid for helping them.

I’ll show you how to leverage your strengths and experiences to develop your unique core coaching concept.

Module 2: One Website (Setup Your Website)

Your online coaching business needs a professional headquarters. That's your website.

I'll show you how to overcome the technical hurdles so that you can have your very own fully functional website up and running quickly - without all the stress and headaches that hold so many people back.

Module 3: One Website Continued (Create Placeholder Pages)

You’ll create placeholder pages on your newly established website that you’ll complete later in the course.

Having these placeholder pages in place makes everything else you’ll be working on feel more real.

Module 4: One Coaching Program

This module is the heart of the program.

I’ll lead you through my proprietary process to distill your years of experience and accumulated gems of wisdom into a working outline for your very own transformational coaching program.

Module 5: The Language of Coaches

You’ll discover a powerful pattern of questions you can use to lead your coaching clients to success. The secret of this technique is its ability to get clients emotionally involved and motivated to take meaningful action.

Module 6: The Language of Prospects

You’ll learn the words your prospects use to describe their problems. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll write supercharged marketing messages that will connect at a deep level with your best prospects and convert them into paying coaching clients.

Module 7: One Transformational Offer

You’ll craft a transformational offer for your coaching program. You’ll discover how to package the right elements in your offer and price it so that it’s irresistible to your best prospects.

Module 8: One Marketing System (One Irresistible Lead Magnet)

You’ll write an irresistible lead magnet to offer people on your website in exchange for their contact info. Your lead magnet is the entrance to your marketing funnel, so it has to be top-notch.

Module 9: One Marketing System (One List)

The money is in the list! You will setup your professional email autoresponder account. This will give you the ability to build a list or database of prospects that you can market to on autopilot 24x7.

Module 10: One Marketing System (One Email Campaign)

You will write an email campaign that builds a relationship with your list. The key is to build trust, value, and credibility with every message you send. I’ll show you how to be authentic and deliver so much value to your subscribers that they respond when you call them to action because they trust you.

Module 11: One Marketing System (One Traffic Source)

You’ll learn how to consistently find people who are searching online for a solution to the problem your coaching program solves. Then you’ll invite them to visit your website where they’ll encounter your amazing content and enter your marketing funnel.

Module 12: Putting it All Together

"Nothing happens until something is sold."

You're going to create a high-converting sales letter for your coaching program, even if you've never written a syllable of sales copy before. I'll share a proven, simple template with you that you can use to sell your program.

When you implement the training in these modules, here’s what happens:

  • You’ll have a professional website that attracts new clients and effortlessly delivers your coaching program to them.
  • You’ll have a unique coaching program that gets life-changing results for your clients.
  • You’ll have an automated marketing system working constantly to find new prospects and lead them to become paying coaching clients.
  • You will have everything you need in place to grow a profitable online coaching business.
  • You’ll change lives by systematically organizing and delivering the wisdom and experience you’ve gained throughout your career.
  • You’ll be able to charge what you’re worth so you can give back the way you’d like. There’s no better feeling than generously contributing to the people and causes that you care about the most.
  • You’ll maintain the freedom and flexibility to come and go as you please because you built your business to work around your schedule.
  • You’ll enhance your executive legacy by leading your followers along the path to professional excellence utilizing every short cut you’ve discovered and avoiding costly detours.
  • You’ll continue to make a significant impact on your industry by molding current and future leaders into world class professionals.
  • You’ll take great pride in your coaching program and the amazing results you help others achieve.
  • You’ll feel tremendous satisfaction from the expressions of gratitude you’ll receive from your happy clients.

How would it feel if you could have all of that?

What would it mean for your family?

What would it do for your legacy?

Bonus Coaching Upgrade!

While it's entirely possible to create a fully functional online executive coaching business in 12 weeks, I want to ensure your success with this program.

So, I'm going to extend your 1-1 coaching access to a 26 weeks!

In addition to the 12 weeks already included, you'll get:

  • 14 more one-on-one coaching sessions ($4,900 Value)
  • 14 more weeks of unlimited email access to me ($1,750 Value)
  • My proprietary “New Platinum Coaching Student Needs Analysis” ($500 Value)
  • My marketing scripts and templates for writing your web pages, sales letter, email campaign, and social media updates ($1,000 Value)

That's gives you 6 months of 1-1 coaching to help you supercharge your executive coaching business!

Value of Bonuses: $8,150

So, if you want to do this in your business...

It's amazing what happens when you work one-on-one with a coach...

Imagine having the accountability of knowing that you have homework and you must do it before your next coaching call.

Now, I personally believe that this is a powerful way to get results in your business.

It's not for everyone, but if you are thinking that one-on-one can change things for you... let's talk.

So, I'm opening up 3 spots for 3 clients to work personally with me for 26 weeks and I will guide you to sequentially implement my core teaching process.

Would that change your life and your business?

If so, I believe this is a great value for you.

Here's why...

During the next 26 weeks, you are going to sequentially learn - AND IMPLEMENT - such that at the end of the 26 weeks, you will have an operating online executive coaching business.

What would it be worth to YOU
to have an online business operating
with a fully functional website
selling YOUR own
executive coaching program
through a proven marketing system 24x7?

Now, I normally charge $350/hr for my consulting, and not only are you getting access to me 26 times - a total value of $9,100…

You are getting access to some of the most advanced training in the WORLD on online executive coaching, training easily valued at $10,000 or more…

PLUS, I’m going to give you unlimited email access to me for the 26 weeks, at least a $3,250 value…

AND you’re going to do my proprietary “New Platinum Coaching Student Needs Analysis,” and I’m going to work with you personally on that, easily another $500 value…

Total Value Including Bonuses:

Because this is a private one-on-one limited coaching offer, and you are committing to doing the work, I've decided that...

Instead of $18,250…

Instead of $16,000…

Instead of $15,000…

And instead of $14,000…

You’ll invest just $13,000
for a Platinum Coaching membership to finally get you where you want to go.

Now, I don't want to work with just anyone who can afford me.

I like to know that you are genuinely helping people and you are a trustworthy person.

So, before I allow you to join, we must have a Free 1-on-1 "Discovery Session" to determine if I want to work with you, and you can see if working with me can really help you. That way neither of us waste our time for 26 weeks.

Apply Now For Your Free 1-1
“Discovery Session"

We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear blueprint for launching and growing your successful online executive coaching business. The 45 minute session typically costs $397, but it's on me when you apply now.

One more thing… Since this is an intense 1-1 program, I can only accept 3 students. I will have to close the program once those spots are filled.

Now, my guess is that if this is the first time you've seen this offer, (it's an amazing training program and you'd really like to do it) you aren't quite sure yet…

I get it.

This is my highest level coaching, and therefore the most expensive.

That's another reason why I want to talk with you personally before you invest a penny.

I truly look forward to talking with you!

To your success!

David Barrett

Apply Now For Your Free 1-1
“Discovery Session"

We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear blueprint for launching and growing your successful online executive coaching business. The 45 minute session typically costs $397, but it's on me when you apply now.


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