The Difference Between Information Products and Coaching Programs

Every day, there are countless people searching the web for solutions to problems, answers to questions, and relief from painful situations.

They can access all kinds of training on how to do what it is they would like to do, but most people aren’t able to fully implement it in a way that generates life-changing results.

In fact, most of your future clients will have already read countless books and articles, watched hours of videos, or listened to numerous podcasts on the subject you teach.

Some will have even spent their hard-earned money on information products promising to be what they’re looking for.

But that seldom produces the transformation they’re after.

The thing is, most people need more.

More help.

More guidance.

Answers to their questions.

Inspiration and motivation to do the work necessary to achieve their desired result.

A fresh perspective to unearth underlying issues that are holding them back, and a plan to blast through them.

Someone to evaluate their progress and give them feedback.

That’s what separates coaching from just information or teaching alone.

Access to the coach makes the difference.

If you want your coaching program to be life changing for your clients and yourself, it must consist of 3 Essential Elements:

  • Training/Lessons
  • Access to the Coach
  • Accountability for the Client

This post will focus on the second Essential Element of a coaching program - access to the coach.

You can decide what kind and how much access to give your clients.

Some common ways coaches provide access are:

  • Email
  • Skype
  • Private Facebook group
  • Text
  • Cell phone

Typical access schedules are:

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Unlimited

The type and amount of access you choose to provide to your clients should be determined by a few factors.

First, you must consider what your clients will need from you to succeed with your program.

Will they be able to get results simply by sending you an email with their questions, or will they require talking on the phone or working together in a Zoom meeting where you can share screens?

Next, you have to think about how often your clients will need access to you so that they can keep making progress through your program.

You want to strike a balance between your clients taking ownership of the work necessary to complete the program and knowing that you have their back, that you’re there for them when they get stuck and need help to move on.

You also must determine what you’re comfortable with.

How much time are you willing to commit to interacting with clients and helping them with their problems?

Do you like responding to email?

Maybe you despise email, but you love talking on the phone…

The method and amount of access your offer should be tailored to your clients’ needs and your personal preferences.

These decisions will ultimately affect the price you charge for your program.

Obviously, the greater the level of access you offer, the more you can charge.

If you have a following on Facebook, it could be natural to start a group and interact with your clients there.

I have to mention one caveat with using Facebook or any platform that you don’t own for operating your coaching business.

Make sure that you get all your clients on an email list.

It’s imperative that you can communicate with your clients if anything ever happened to Facebook or your account.

Although it may be unlikely, Facebook or any platform you don’t own and control could shut you down and destroy your business in an instant if you don’t have another way of connecting with your clients.

Don’t take the chance of letting that happen to you.

So, now take some time and think hard about how you will interact with your coaching clients.

Figure out how you can best help them achieve their goals while preserving the lifestyle you want for yourself.

It will be incredibly rewarding for you and your clients.

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