The 3 Key Components of an Online Executive Coaching Business

You need 3 Key Components in place to have an online executive coaching business.

First, you obviously need a coaching program.

Second, you need a website to sell and deliver your coaching program.

And, finally, you need an automated marketing system to enroll clients in your coaching program.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these components, beginning with the coaching program itself.

Coaching Program

A coaching program is a way to help others get the results they desire.

It’s also a way for you, the coach, to get paid for helping others get results they desire.

A coaching program must contain 3 Essential Elements…

  • Training/Lessons
  • Access to the Coach
  • Accountability for the Client

Your training should be based on your personal strengths and experiences.

You can teach people how to do things that are easy for you but are difficult for them.

However, most people need more than teaching alone to get meaningful results.

They need answers to their questions.

They need personal guidance and direction.

They need inspiration and motivation.

They need access to the coach to get personal help.

People will also get better results when they are held accountable for doing the work.

Good coaches find a way to hold their clients accountable for their progress.

You don’t really have a true coaching program if you’re missing any of the 3 Essential Elements.

Now, let’s talk about the second Key Component of an online executive coaching business.


You need a website.

Your website will serve many purposes for your coaching business.

It’s your online real estate.

It’s your digital headquarters.

It will be a place to connect with and capture leads for your program.

A place to ultimately convert those leads into paying clients.

A place to deliver your coaching program.

Now, please… Don’t be afraid of this or any of the technical aspects of running an online business!

There are tons of tools and resources available that make it easier than ever to operate an online business without being a tech geek.

You only need a few web pages to get up and running fast.

  • Squeeze Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Sales Page
  • Download Page

Obviously, you can add more over time, but all you need to get started is…

A page to capture leads, (squeeze page)…

A page to deliver what you promised on the squeeze page, (thank you page)…

A page where you tell people about your program and how they can join, (sales page)…

And a place where they can access the training after they purchase, (download page)…

That’s it.

Don’t overcomplicate things.

Now that you have a coaching program to sell, and a website to deliver it, all you need is people to enroll in your program.

Automated Marketing System

Finally, your online coaching business needs an automated marketing system to enroll clients in your coaching program.

You need a powerful system that attracts leads and converts them into paying coaching clients 24x7 on autopilot.

Here’s the big picture overview of the automated marketing system.

You create a way to find people who are looking for what you teach in your coaching program and connect with them to see if you’d be a good fit to work together.

Then you invite them to your website where they get to know more about you and how you help people like them.

The best part is that you set it up once and it runs automatically without you lifting a finger.

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