Maximize Conversions with Remarketing

You want to start remarketing campaigns to maximize the value of every visitor once you have your funnel up and running and producing results. Use Google Ads to retarget any visitors to your page across the entire Internet and then Facebook ads to retarget them on Facebook.

With Facebook, you have two options, custom audiences, and website custom audiences.

You create a custom audience by uploading your email list to FB, and a website custom audience is created by pixeling people who visit your website.

Here’s a 14-point checklist that will help you make sure your retargeting ads are set up correctly:

1) Have you shown your business logo (or colors) to make it clear that the retargeting ad is for your business?

Displaying your business logo (or colors of your business) creates brand awareness and recognition.

2) Is the copy on your call-to-action (CTA) button actionable?

You need to make sure that you’re clear about what will happen when someone clicks on your retargeting ad. When you leave “Submit” on your button it isn’t clear what will happen.

3) Have you created several banner sizes for different ad placement?

Keep in mind that every website will convert at a different rate. When you create different ad sizes you’ll be able to run your retargeting ads on more websites. It makes them harder to ignore and helps users feel less bombarded by the same advertisement.

4) Have you created multiple ads to avoid ad fatigue?

Ad fatigue is when a user has seen your ad too many times and stops clicking it. They start to find it annoying and actively avoid your ad. You can combat this by creating multiple ads in terms of the creatives (how it looks), ad copy (what it says), or the offer itself.

5) Have you used ‘power’ words in your ad copy?

Use words like ‘free’, ‘limited-time’, and ‘money-back guarantee’ to increase clicks.

6) Have you conveyed the value of your offer?

Even if it’s a free course, explaining that it contains over $400 worth of valuable information can catch the eye.

7) Is your retargeting ad-free of clutter?

It’s important to keep your message as clear and simple as possible because ad space is limited. Busy ads are often overlooked as people think it’s spam. Limit the number of words you need to use to explain your offer.

8) Have you set up your conversion tracking pixel before the tag on each page of your website?

The people who visit won’t be tagged if you don’t place your pixel in the right spot.

9) Have you set up a post-conversion pixel on your thank-you page or order confirmation page?

Retargeting a person for an ad they’ve already converted on is not only going to annoy your new leads or customers but also cost you unnecessary ad spend.

10) Have you created a new retargeting ad for converted visitors?

Just because someone converted on your retargeting ad doesn’t mean you should stop retargeting them altogether. You still can send them highly relevant and targeted ads based on where they are in the buying cycle. If they downloaded an eBook on how to create a successful landing page, then retarget them with ads for your upcoming webinar on landing pages.

11) Have you set up your audience segments?

You can retarget the same way based on whether someone visited your site or not. However, you’ll want to create segments of visitors based on the pages they visit to get the highest engagement.

12) Have you created a different ad for each audience segment?

A person who visits your homepage versus several product pages versus the pricing page will need to have different ads delivered to them. You’ll be able to display ads that are tailored to their unique needs when you’ve segmented your audience properly.

13) Is the design of your landing page consistent with the design of your ads?

The design, offer, and call-to-action should be the same on your retargeting ad as on your landing page. That way people know they’ve been directed to the right page and they’ll seek out the same CTA on the retargeting ad as the landing page.

14) Have you A/B tested your retargeting ads?

A/B testing is essential to ensuring your retargeting ads are giving you the best results. You can try testing the placement, size, copy, images, design, frequency, and offers to find out what converts best.

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