How to Create Powerful Training for Your Coaching Program

There are countless reasons why people hire coaches to help them.

Most of the time, they’ve already tried a lot of different tactics to achieve the goal they’re pursuing…

They’ve read countless blog posts and articles, watched videos, read books and eBooks…

Maybe they’ve even bought online courses or taken a class.

But try as they might, they always come up short.

At some point, they realize that they need more help to accomplish what they’ve set their mind to.

And if the goal is important enough, they seek out help.

That’s where the coach comes in.

The coach’s job is to help them achieve a goal, solve a problem, or get rid of a painful situation.

A professional coach will have a core training program that teaches someone how to get the result they want.

A high-quality coaching program will include 3 Essential Elements:

  1. Training/Lessons
  2. Access to the Coach
  3. Accountability for the Client

Today, we’re going to focus on the first Essential Element, the training itself.

Your training must explain precisely what to do, how to do it, and why it’s important.

Here’s the question to keep in mind when you’re creating your core training…

What would someone have to do to get the result they want?

What steps would they have to take to make it happen?

So, you take the end result or goal of the program and break it down into logical steps.

Most coaching programs consist of 7 – 10 sequential steps.

The program should be structured in such a way that when someone completes all the steps, they achieve the end result promised by the program.

Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say a new sales manager is looking for a way to increase online sales.

He’s read a ton of material and tried to implement it, but he always gets stuck with something.

Sure, he might get a little bump in sales here and there from his efforts, but nothing lasting or significant.

He needs help.

Then he finds a coaching program that will show him how to double online sales in 6 months.

It’s a 7-step program, and here are the steps:

  1. Increase your market reach through SEO.
  2. Increase your market reach through organic social traffic.
  3. Increase your market reach through paid traffic.
  4. Increase your lead conversion rate.
  5. Increase your customer conversion rate.
  6. Increase repeat purchases.
  7. Increase your average transaction value.

The steps are taught in order and each one is broken down into sub-steps.

For example, lesson 1 has a sub-step for conducting on-page SEO and a sub-step for off-page SEO.

Lesson 2 has sub-steps for using different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Each lesson also has supporting resources like videos and audios that enhance the client’s understanding.

There are also homework assignments for each lesson so that the client makes real progress along the way.

If the client consumes each lesson and does the work, he will be able to double his online sales in 6 months.

So, that’s just one fictional example of how training is effectively organized in a core coaching program.

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