How to Create a Perfect Thank You Page

While some thank you pages are seen by new subscribers, and others are seen by returning customers, every thank you page must have 3 essential elements.

If any one of these key ingredients is missing, then you might be leaving money on the table…

Here’s a 3-point checklist to make sure your “Thank You” pages are as effective as they can be.

Does Your "Thank You" Page Have a Confirmation Message?

Your thank you page must confirm that the user’s action was successful.

This creates a good user experience and serves the primary function of the thank you page.

"Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions."

You need to actually spell it out for your visitors, otherwise, you risk leaving them confused or disoriented.

A simple, “Thank you for subscribing!” or “Your order is complete!” will do just fine.

Just make sure that it is clear what just happened (and what they should expect to happen next, if necessary).

Does Your Thank You Page Have a Clear Call To Action?

Now that you’ve confirmed their successful action (and you’ve explained what will happen next), it’s time to take your thank you page to the next level by adding in a call to action (CTA).

A very clear CTA will move your users to take the next step in your sales process.

This is the part where most thank you pages fall short, but adding this one thing to your thank you page will make a world of difference in terms of your conversions and sales.

Your CTA could be as simple as asking your new subscribers to download their lead magnet.

So, what other CTAs can you include?

Well, here are some great thank you page call to action examples…

  • Ask them to whitelist your email address
  • Ask them to share on social media
  • Ask them to register for a webinar or event
  • Ask them to purchase a low-dollar offer
  • Ask them to purchase a related product
  • Ask them to fill out a survey

Does Your “Thank You Page” Have Specific Instructions?

The third thing to put on your thank you page is specific instructions on exactly what to do next.

You already have a call to action that gives users the next step. But in order to get users to actually take you up on it, you’ll need to get super specific about what they should do and how to do it.

For example, if your call to action is to ask subscribers to whitelist you, you could include a brief video tutorial or screenshots of how to do that.

Or, if you want new subscribers to sign up for your webinar, you could tell them to “Click on the blue button below to save your spot on the live call.” (See how these instructions are way more specific than simply saying, “Register for the webinar”?)

Your instructions don’t need to be lengthy. The point here is to be precise – people need instructions more than you may think.

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