Driving Traffic to Your Funnels

Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business. If you don’t know how to generate traffic, it doesn’t matter how good your funnels are, it doesn’t matter how good your offers are…

None of that matters…

If you don’t have people coming through the door.

Here are 12 sources that will help you start generating traffic right away!

1) Email Marketing

If you already have an email list, it’s the easiest way to start driving traffic to your funnels and start testing conversions and key performance indicators that will allow you to optimize your funnel even further.

2) Facebook Organic

There is no better way to drive traffic to your new sales funnel from social media than to offer your audience something that is irresistible to them… for free.

Everyone loves something for free but even more so when that something will help with their problems or to achieve their goals.

3) YouTube Content Videos

YouTube is a massive platform. It’s also the world’s second most popular search engine behind Google. And, simply by creating educational and value providing videos on YouTube, you can drive near-endless amounts of traffic while also building a loyal audience.

4) Pinterest

Pinterest can be used to drive massive amounts of traffic to your funnels. Ideally, you want to combine Pinterest with a blog to create pins driving people back to your blog posts and then your funnels. Additionally, you can join Pinterest group boards in your niche to instantly tap into massive audiences. (Use https://pingroupie.com/ to find group boards in your niche)

5) Google Ads

Google Ads can be a cost-effective and extremely powerful traffic source. Especially when you launch a brand-new funnel and start driving traffic to it from your own email list and social media platforms. You start creating a buzz around your product and a lot of people to start Googling your brand name and product names. So, make sure you also set up a small Google search ads campaign targeting your name, your brand name, and your product names.

6) YouTube Ads

Setup YouTube ads targeting all the popular channels in your market. This means as people go to watch videos by other influencers in your market, your YouTube ads will play first.

7) Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is another great platform to use to drive traffic to your funnels. Although it’s gotten super competitive and pretty expensive in recent years, there’s still a powerful strategy to get relatively cheap and super targeted traffic using Facebook Ads… The best way to start driving cheap and targeted traffic using Facebook Ads is by extending your Facebook custom audiences (Email List, Customer List imported into your Facebook Ads Manager) by creating what’s called a lookalike audience.

8) Blogging

Blogging is a great long-term strategy to build an audience, forge a strong relationship with them by providing value in advance, and then get them into your funnels.

9) Affiliates

If you have a funnel and are selling your own product, getting affiliates on board to promote your offers is a very powerful strategy that can easily add a significant boost to your income! Leverage your connections to grow your affiliate base.

10) Dream 100

Find your Dream 100 people you would love to work with and collaborate and connect with them. Go out there and help them for free. Build relationships. Add value. When you do that, incredible things begin to transpire.

11) Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are all the rage. They’re a wonderful tool for developing your culture. Your group is a place where your audience can congregate to share stories and lend advice and help one another. A place where you can communicate and provide value and give guidance.

This is a great place to share any type of link as long as it adds value. When you share with a community and culture that’s already been created, you can easily drive traffic to any page or offer you decide to - on-demand. This is targeted traffic.

12) Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is not dead. However, it needs to be done the right way. It shouldn’t be done with the sole purpose of ranking content. It should be done to add sincere value. Have a link back to your own funnel. Just don’t try to spam links or make it unnatural.

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