Creating a Perfect Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet is an irresistible bribe which offers a lump of value to a prospect in exchange for their email. The goal of the lead magnet is to attract as many people as possible to subscribe to your email list in exchange for the lead magnet you are offering.

Some good examples would be a case study download, checklist, cheat sheet, free-report, or even free training.

The lead magnet is the entrance to your email marketing funnel, so it’s imperative that it’s top-notch. Here’s a 7-point checklist that will help you create a perfect lead magnet:

Is It Specific?

Your lead magnet should not be complicated.

It should offer a very specific solution to your market. For instance:

"Simple 10 Minutes Per Day Strategy To Add an Extra 500 Subscribers In The Next 7 Days"

This is specific and goal-oriented!

Does It Speak To The Desired Result?

Do you know what your market wants?

Once again, you will have to think from your customer’s perspective and consider their needs. Think of what they are struggling with the most.

If you have done enough research about this, then you will have the information to craft the most efficient lead magnet for your business.

In short, you need to become a pain-killer for the headaches of your clients. Offer something that your visitors can't decline.


This is a critical element!

People want things in an instant, and you need to consider it in the way you deliver your lead magnet.

In other words, you can either be snail mail or a lightning fast download.

Will It Change Your Relationship?

A good lead magnet should do much more than just educate your potential customer. It should improve your relationship.

It should also move them closer to and warm them up to doing business with you. This is a crucial job of the lead magnet and you should ask yourself if yours helps you achieve that.

High Perceived Value

Just because something is free doesn’t mean you should make it look like it's free.

You should use professional graphics and images to establish a high perceived value of your lead magnet.

High Actual Value

When you deliver a magnet to your subscribers, it must be of some use.

It should be exceptional content. A chance for you to impress as well as help your potential customers.

It will have a negative effect on your customer lifetime value if your lead magnet barks and fails to bite.


You must make sure the lead magnet does not block your sales funnel. In simple words, it should ideally be consumed or prove its worth within 5 minutes.

Simply put, a 200 Page eBook and a 6 Week course will be a poor choice.

The fact is, most people are looking for instant gratification. If it takes a long time for them to consume your lead magnet, they might lose interest or something else will grab their intention. You need to get their attention as soon as you can or it will be a lost cause.

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