Crafting an Irresistible Offer

No element of your funnel matters more than your offer. Yet so many people that treat the offer as an afterthought, and it should be quite the opposite.

Many of your problems… from ads that don’t work to emails that aren’t producing sales… can be fixed by improving your offer.

And it doesn't matter whether you are a coach or a product creator or an affiliate marketer... Your offer is not just a product. Your offer is the entire package, bundle, and experience that clients and customers are getting.

Meaning if you are an affiliate marketer you can still create an irresistible offer by adding super valuable bonuses to the already amazing product that you are promoting.

Here's a 7-point checklist to make sure you've crafted the best offer possible:

1. Offer something desirable.

When you go fishing, you don’t bait the hook with pizza and fries because that’s what you like, right?


Because that’s not what fish like to eat.

And, it’s no different when it comes to your offer.

Do your research. Make sure what you have to offer is something your perfect customers REALLY want. After all, you’ve already done your market research, and you do know what they want, right?

2. Relieve an important “PAIN.”

We, humans, move away from pain and move towards pleasure. It’s how we’re hardwired. So, make sure your offer does exactly that - move your customer from the urgent pain they’re experiencing NOW to their desired “pleasure.”

3. Make it unique.

This comes down to positioning. How can you make your offer sound fresh and exciting and unlike all the other options out there? The way to do it is by having a Unique Mechanism through which you deliver the result.

4. Add the right bonuses.

Oftentimes it’s tempting to pile on a bunch of bonuses, just because you can. This is a MASSIVE mistake! Make sure your bonuses serve a real purpose, like addressing an objection your customer might have.

For example, if you sell a course on sales prospecting, one bonus can be on how to master the fear of rejection or a simple script that gets prospects to say “yes” 8 times out of 10.

5. The perceived value of your offer should be at least 10x your price.

One of the keys to an irresistible offer is to make it drop-dead simple to decide to buy. So, in the prospect’s mind, the value of everything you’re offering should be at least 10 times the price you’re asking.

For example, if you can help solve back pain with a proven, never fail, simple 5-minute stretch that you’ll teach for $100 … that would be insanely valuable because it saves the prospect of having to spend money on chiropractors, physical therapists, massage, doctors, pain pills, etc.

6. Reverse the risk.

You want to take all the risk away from your prospect when they’re trying your product. So, make sure you offer a powerful guarantee - often, the longer guarantee period you can give, the better.

7. Instill a sense of urgency.

Let’s face it - most people love to procrastinate. So, make sure you include some form of urgency in your offer. This could be a limited-time bonus, limited availability, a discount with a deadline, etc. However, whatever you do, it must be genuine, not contrived or artificial.

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