5 Persuasion & Conversion Triggers

In this checklist, we’ll go over individual persuasion and conversion triggers. They’re all very straightforward and most importantly very easy to implement, but they are super effective. Whether you are writing copy for your funnels, sales video scripts, or even emails, make sure you use these conversion triggers to boost your conversions!

1) The Pluralized Verb Tactic

This is actually a very simple strategy, but it’s extremely powerful and you really have to pay attention to this, especially when you are writing sales copy.

Often times, when you pluralize the verb, it conveys to the prospect that the work is being done by the system or the method that you’re presenting, and not the prospect themselves.


Generate an Extra $1,000 Per Month

Generates an Extra $1,000 Per Month

2) The FAB Formula Tactic

This is a way of articulating your product or service features and benefits on a deeper level using The FAB Formula.

FAB stands for features, advantages, and benefits.

A FAB statement basically explains the feature, what it does (which is The Advantage), and how it benefits the prospect.

So, because the product has (The Feature), you will be able to do (The Advantage). And what that means for you is (The Benefit).

For Example:

Because the Executive Legacy Enhancement Coaching Program has fill-in-the-blank templates, you will be able to save a lot of time and produce more valuable content for your marketing. And what that means for you is you will be able to leverage that content to generate more traffic, attract more leads, and change more lives much faster.

3) The Framing Tactic

Now framing is really nothing more than positioning information the way you want it to be viewed. Otherwise, people may have the wrong perception about a certain topic if they are unaware or they don’t understand it.

The Framing Tactic can be used in your funnels when trying to presell products. The way it’s done is by providing information on a certain topic to your audience and then backing it up with proof to make your audience believe the things they have to believe in order to buy your products.

4) The Softened Command Tactic

The Softened Command Tactic is when you tell the prospect to do something but in a soft and polite manner.

For example, instead of saying "You need to attend this webinar," use the softened command which would be, “You might want to seriously consider attending this webinar.” This will ultimately help you have a better relationship with your audience.

5) The Experience Acknowledger Tactic

This is very straightforward. You could almost call this mind-reading. It’s as simple as acknowledging the things that are currently occurring for your prospects right now.

This could be a simple as writing something in your copy like this… “You’re sitting there right now, reading about this tactic, and probably wondering, ‘How can I apply this to my marketing?’”

If this were sales copy, I nailed three things that are occurring for you right now.

This subconsciously conveys to the prospect that you understand them, that you understand where they are, and that you understand what they are thinking.

And because your prospect feels like you understand them, they subconsciously look at you as an authority figure.

BONUS: Open-Loops

This is probably one of the most valuable tactics that you can use in marketing. Open with an idea, a compelling idea, an exciting idea, and do not close that loop…

Our brains are wired for closure…

You can use this tactic in videos and emails to massively increase your engagement. People will stick around and will look forward to your next video... Your next email… To get their answers.

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