"Six-Figure Coaching Business Blueprint for Former Executives"


Leverage Your Expertise to Create a Signature Coaching Program
That Increases Your Impact, Influence, and Income 
Without Sacrificing the Freedom You've Worked Hard to Attain.

"Discover How to Rescue Your Retirement During the COVID-19 Crisis By Coaching Industry Executives Online With Your Expertise"

In this powerful webinar training, I'll show you how easy it is to launch your own life-changing coaching program to increase your income during the economic meltdown.









Have you retired,
or are you considering retiring
from an executive position,
but you're a bit restless?

Do you feel like you're not as influential as you once were?

Do you struggle with the thought that your life is insignificant now?

Are you frustrated because you can't give back as much as you'd like?

I can show you how to leverage your professional experience in a truly life-changing way!

You have a wealth of knowledge and vast experience from your career and you know you can make a major impact, but you're done with the day to day grind.

Well, just because you're done with the stress, headaches, and politics of the corporate world doesn't mean you have to sit on the sidelines for the rest of your life.

You have way too much to offer and too much gas left in the tank to do that!

The good news is there is a way you can stay in the game in a meaningful way - without the downside.

There are multitudes of ambitious people desperately seeking wisdom from smart, successful people like you every day.

Now is the time to share your vast expertise with them, and get paid handsomely doing so, while working on your own terms.

David Barrett helps former executives like you develop an online coaching business that leverages your experience and enhances your legacy so you can richly enjoy life.

You Can Have the Best of Both Worlds!

You can still be a highly-influential difference maker earning a great income, and enjoy the time and financial freedom you've worked hard to attain.

Maybe you've considered coaching before, but, frankly speaking, you aren't quite sure how to get started. The good news is, it's simpler than you think.

I can show you how to quickly and easily build an online coaching business that will allow you to change other people's lives with your expertise while you enjoy life.



Did You Know There is a Sequence to Success?

Success doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice.

When you combine the right information with precise implementation you get rapid transformation! I've identified a formula that anyone can follow to achieve outstanding results.

In life there are always going to be ups and downs. What if you could learn how to make the up times last—and minimize or eliminate the down times? I provide training solutions that do just that. I can help you achieve greater success, faster, and with fewer setbacks. Don’t take my word for it… I’ll prove it to you!

I have the proven resources to transform your life. I create change from the inside out through my coaching programs. I offer a wide array of development and training programs built on timeless principles that get results.

How We Can Work Together

1:1 Coaching

This is my highest level coaching program. We will work together one-on-one to build your transformational executive coaching business.


VIP Mastermind

This is my exclusive invitation-only mastermind. You will work closely with me and a few other dedicated professionals to build your coaching business.


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